The entires are in. The finalists have been selected. But who will be The Next Fitness Star?

Elyse Miller

Age: 33 Centerville, UT


Specialty: HIIT

Fitness model, TV host and freelance weather anchor Elyse Miller still wants to look good and feel great in a bathing suit, but that’s the smallest part of why she works in the fitness industry. This busy mom and wife has been an ACE-certified personal trainer for 14 years, is a serious nutritionist and is all about efficiency: She commits to a 15- to 20-minute workout a day and is motivated by complete intensity. Through social media platforms like her blog,, and her Instagram and Twitter feeds (@FitElyse), she doles out healthy tips and exercise motivation to her followers. You can access her 15-minute workout videos on iFit Daily, where she shares her passion for staying fit. Her first job in high school was working at a gym, where she fell in love with working out and training. Since then, she’s worked in gyms, studios and clients’ homes; plus, she runs a successful boot camp program in parks and produces workout videos online.


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